17 July 2013 1 Comment

How to enhance corporate profitability through digital media

Every organization’s ultimate aim is to make profit. This is a major concern and motive. Though they may need to offer value, help some other people along the way to reach this lofty goal. No sales, no business is a popular cliché. In today’s world, several media are now available for use. Hanging on or […]

19 June 2013 0 Comments

Digital media success: five routes any dummy can ply

Average successful professional understands no idea is completely unreasonable. In every idea is a little light which has capacity to illuminate a huge darkness. To be successful in any endeavour, there must be a goal, planning and strategy development which must answer the questions: who, what, where, how and when. If any of these questions […]

7 June 2013 5 Comments

Social/Digital Media success:5 hard truths you can not ignore.

Every hard work should have a reward. Every seemingly difficult task must has a better and easy way to do it when compare to other routes. Labouring hard may not justify result. Knowing how to do it smartly may guarantee lifelong happiness. In a recent conversation with some social media and content Managers from varied […]

23 May 2013 0 Comments

How to justify further investment in Social media project funding

Many Social and digital media managers are still having big trouble with budget allocation. C-suite has not seen any reason to increase their budget allocation. In most cases, the marketing Communication/corporate communication is usually the umbrella department where Social media is located. This department in itself is often underfunded. So before anything will reach this […]

21 March 2013 4 Comments

Digital media: 4 routes to professional happiness

A state of happiness is considered a vital part of ingredients that will guarantee equitable and balanced approach to economic growth. It can also promote sustainable development, poverty eradication and the well-being of all peoples. The United Nations General Assembly has therefore seen a necessity in declaring March 20 every year as International Day of […]

10 July 2012 28 Comments

Four principles of Social Media Success

Social Media like life is based on successful application of certain principles that guide its orientation and processes. If we keep violating these principles, things will run out of its course and one will need a lot of energy to drag on.  At the face value, many think they can do anything and get by […]