15 June 2015 0 Comments

The Perils of Bad Branding

Branding exercises can often fall completely flat on their faces, especially if a distinct lack of imagination is utilised by marketing executives. This was perfectly shown during the rebranding of the Las Vegas Hilton, when its name was changed simply to the LVH Hotel. Uninspiring, boring and more akin to a title used by a […]

13 June 2011 11 Comments

How to win the online advocacy and sales war.

Winning online advocacy and sales war requires sound strategy crafted by those who understand the language of advocacy and sales wars. Those who know what branding is understand the battle for the minds may be more intense than physical ‘gun-carrying’ situation. In mind possession, same tactic still holds. The General who win at war do […]

31 May 2011 10 Comments

Social media game: 6 hot signals for effective players

Social media is the current game every marketer and communication professional wants to play now. The sophistication and speed of the web are making efforts on social media breathtaking. The challenge here is every professional athlete or player knows the importance of learning, practise as well as having a coach who helps sharpen their skills. […]

26 October 2010 21 Comments

Brand communications: how to effectively reach your audience

Today’s marketplace is stuffy. To effectively communicate a brand’s uniqueness, value requires tact, proper understanding of the terrain and customers’ pathway. Brand communication is certainly a complex work for many. This is unlike what obtained a few decades ago.  The complexity is traceable to the fact that there are myriads of brands today than ever […]

10 June 2010 33 Comments

Personal Branding: stop going solo

Many have asked me why I always say that networking will be the rule of the game now. A guy actually said ‘if I have done my part do I need anyone to validate my effort?’ While I quite understand that we cannot substitute hard work for anything, it is also a known fact that […]

1 February 2010 48 Comments

Personal branding: make your efforts count

Everyday gives me an opportunity to learn and observe people around me. I learn from people who have been successful and those who are still on the radar of success as well as from a complete fool. In fact there is no one on the surface of the Earth that qualifies for such appellation as […]

28 December 2009 26 Comments

Social media cloud: are you connected?

Yesterday, I was speaking at an annual conference of a youth advocacy group I had the privilege of pioneering about a decade and half years ago. I actually led the group for three years before I committed the assignment to some other individuals who could steer its wheel of progress. This group today (which was […]

25 December 2009 24 Comments

Personal elevator speech:keep it simple

In about two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of anchoring a reunion meeting for my Alma matter where I did my undergraduate studies. As the custom is, during most reunion meetings, each person has opportunity to introduce him/herself to the group. The first thing that dawn on me was that many still do not […]

5 October 2009 31 Comments

Brand and online Dna effects

Many things have been said about DNA. Wilipedia defines DNA as ‘Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and some viruses. The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a […]

8 September 2009 13 Comments

How to promote contribution, connection in brand’s online community Part 2

This is the second and concluding part of the earlier post on this topic. Enjoy it. 1. Absence of too much technicalities: Most active communities do not make it mandatory for members to learn new software before they can participate in discussion, before expressing their opinions. I have come across few communities which I really […]