7 September 2009 30 Comments

How to promote contribution, connection in online community

Many-brand owners as well as community leaders, wonder why their online communities do not enjoy active participation. Online community like brands needs a lot of emotional interactions to promote active members’ involvement. Online community aim must rest on a regular provision, satisfaction of building common interest that endears community member to each other. Not that […]

22 April 2009 49 Comments

Persistence: key to social media success

Every great enterprise that has succeeded is not a product of overnight action. It is birthed with sweat of hardwork, persistence and a high level of determination. Many have the erroneous believe that since social media offer opportunities for visibility, the result will be instant since they can create an account within minutes.  The truth […]

24 March 2009 25 Comments

Brand reputation management

Reputation has to do with standing, status, repute and character. Every brand must embrace the truth in the saying that says “learn from yesterday, live today and strategize and hope for tomorrow’. Reputation like integrity is a social capital that can be spent tomorrow and especially during recession. But it seems many brands here do […]

9 March 2009 4 Comments

Brand’s online audience

In our earlier discussion on brand’s content marketing, we did mention that survival of brands during this time is dependent on content marketing which discusses brand’s relevance and education. We did conclude that great content is not only enough but its spread holds the key to its success. For content marketing to be successful or […]