10 October 2012 7 Comments

Social Media and National (Brand) Image

Those who thought Social media use in Nigeria or elsewhere has not come into the mainstream will have to reconsider their opinions. The implication of this is huge for brands (personal, product, corporate and National). Planning and engaging traditional media alone in this age is tantamount to media malpractices. That is just the simple truth. […]

8 November 2010 6 Comments

Brands and online reputation: are you watching your back?

The web is now an essential part of brand’s daily living. Surviving without the web today is becoming a near impossible task. We live in the age of conversation. Almost everyone is talking. Those who have something worthwhile to say and those who just want to express their opinions. Any brand that ignores the web […]

24 March 2010 21 Comments

Brands: how to differentiate your social media efforts

Yesterday one of the major print media in Nigeria sought my opinion on the value of social media to business. This discussion is published today in the paper’s business page. I am happy that social media is beginning to show up in the radar of our business operations. But as we know the bandwagon effect […]

15 March 2010 167 Comments

Brands: Why your brand suffers without a blog

Today many brands are yet to see the impact of running a blog can have on their performance. Many brands still believe that blogs are just for small kids or any brand that just want to join the bandwagon, plays ‘me too’ game. What an individual do not know will rob him of its value. […]

20 February 2010 19 Comments

Twitter and your brand

I have been asked several times why do I think Twitter holds any benefits for Nigerian and African brands. The reason to some is that the population of Nigerians and Africans on twitter is still negligible compare to the western world. The concerns Ihave noticeds on the faces of those who asked such question  has […]

1 February 2010 48 Comments

Personal branding: make your efforts count

Everyday gives me an opportunity to learn and observe people around me. I learn from people who have been successful and those who are still on the radar of success as well as from a complete fool. In fact there is no one on the surface of the Earth that qualifies for such appellation as […]

25 December 2009 24 Comments

Personal elevator speech:keep it simple

In about two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of anchoring a reunion meeting for my Alma matter where I did my undergraduate studies. As the custom is, during most reunion meetings, each person has opportunity to introduce him/herself to the group. The first thing that dawn on me was that many still do not […]