15 April 2009 10 Comments

Merits of a brand community

We can look at a community in different ways. But here we see a community as a group of people, who believe in an idea, choose to live together through common systems and who believe in the healthy propagation of community values, ideas. With strong community, brands have realized over the years the need to […]

13 January 2009 Comments Off on Every brand needs a community officer

Every brand needs a community officer

Brand is the evidence of your distinction and perception. Managing brand’s perception is heavy work. Times are changing and traditional approaches need review. Chuck Brymer says “everyone now faces the same situation-how do we engage consumers to become brand loyalists and advocates?”  In an earlier post in this forum, I have talked about the need […]

9 January 2009 9 Comments

customer engagement and web 2.0

Engagement has become a buzz word now. It is built on trust plus positive perception. We are no longer in the old landscape where customer satisfaction rules. We are now in a new landscape where that is the minimum requirement. Value acceleration is the order of the day. The new landscape has fused marketing with […]