2 July 2013 0 Comments

Google Reader: The Morning after

It is no longer news Google Reader is now dead. The obituary is everywhere. Its death cannot be said to be natural, it was induced or what can be regarded as euthanasia. This seems to be the way out for the family after a careful consideration of the present circumstance where social media platforms had […]

3 July 2012 12 Comments

Nike Adeyemi: Real Woman Foundation and Google+ hangout

The Internet is one amazing thing. Its benefits and values keep changing each new day. Social platforms value are immeasurable. Those who still feel it is a flash in the pan need a rethink. What do you think about over Eight Hundred Million members of FaceBook, One fifty Million professionals on LinkedIn,Millions of people on […]

8 December 2011 7 Comments

Google Nigeria: The web remains an untapped goldmine

Google is undoubted the number one search engine around the world. Indeed it is also the most visited website. The story of Google is something that is not a magic. It is a product of certain individuals with passion for change. Any brand with enough commitment, courage, teamwork and dedication can replicate this achievement. Google […]