28 May 2010 11 Comments

Brands:What determines whether they will invest in your services

Many times brand custodians are concerned about pushing their products to the target market. Many assume that just creating a service is the end of it and people will rush in to purchase their services. This assumption is often based on the fact that the new service is a one- in- town bullet proofed idea. […]

27 May 2010 59 Comments

Brands:How to drive growth

We all love growth. But many do not plan for it. Do no ever forget the law that says every object remains at a standstill until a force is applied. Many successful brands today will not be in the radar again in a couple of years just because they have forgotten how they get here. […]

2 January 2009 5 Comments

Strong emotional connection

Every brand that has been successful has managed its relationship with its stakeholder beyond clients-provider level. Because people buy brands like the way they make friends. There is a level of intimacy that is involved. A genuine interest has to be established. Like in the religious world, ‘one spirit must enter’ both parties. For emotional […]

30 December 2008 6 Comments

Career excellence in 2009

In times of recession, employee needs to know the ‘how’ of making impacts on the job that the company hire them for. This will guarantee them their position to stay while others are being lay-off.  David D’allessandro is much more correct today than when he published his book career warfare. For employees to retain their […]