9 August 2012 24 Comments

Lolo Jones Vs Jere Longman of NYT: social Media lessons

Those who are sport lovers would have been following the Olympic game. More importantly as many that love US team will know who Lolo Jones is. But just for a recap, Lolo Jones is a sprinter who was part of US team in the last Beijing Olympic but lost out narrowly. Once again after a […]

26 May 2010 52 Comments

How to create a winning brand’s story that sells

Brand success is all about stories that aligned with a niche. If you have ever known what poverty is and you are able to break free from it and you can craft believable, creative, emotional processes of how you move from ground zero up, you will attract a good chunk of audience that is still […]

26 October 2009 21 Comments

Personal branding is an opportunity to influence

Recently an online personal branding expert from Iraq, Mohammed AL- Taee  asked for my opinion of what personal branding is? We have heard several definitions which include: it is personal uniqueness in the market place’, a weapon that one uses to market personal core competences and taking advantage of such in the marketplace, a way […]