15 June 2015 0 Comments

The Perils of Bad Branding

Branding exercises can often fall completely flat on their faces, especially if a distinct lack of imagination is utilised by marketing executives. This was perfectly shown during the rebranding of the Las Vegas Hilton, when its name was changed simply to the LVH Hotel. Uninspiring, boring and more akin to a title used by a […]

24 July 2012 13 Comments

16 essential dynamics that make Influencers what they are

Being an influencer- whether online or offline, is a desirable thing. A person of influence commands respect and attention of others. There is a huge difference between being a person of power and a person of influence. A person of power gains is status through position while the person of influence is respected a lot […]

21 June 2012 7 Comments

African brands’ Communication: Time to step up the game

African brands’ communication is picking up faster in the past few years when  to two decades ago. Some of the brands with origin in Africa are raising their wings against other competitive brands across the world.  No thanks to the level of technology. Africans and its brands are fast embracing technology use. As much as […]

5 January 2011 11 Comments

Brand communications and the new marketing school

Many professional communicators caught their teeth in the school of marketing that emphasized the four Ps. We were told then that marketing involves Pricing, Product, Place, and Promotion. After a while, someone came out to say that these are not sufficient enough if after sales is not added.  Today many believe conversation, contribution and co-creation […]

27 September 2010 17 Comments

Brands: how to build a start up through social marketing

Social media is no longer used by individuals to stay in touch or to stay connected. Starts up entrepreneurs are now seeking the opportunities in social media to expose their services to target through social marketing. Many are getting it right while many are losing it big times. This is because they do not understand […]

24 June 2010 24 Comments

Brands:how to use engagement marketing to reduce cost

I wake up with possibilities each day. I am passionate about making entrepreneurs and brands succeed in their efforts despite the economy. Money is not available to do everything we want to do. If I am correct there has never been anytime when money goes round to do all that human desire to accomplish. The […]

17 May 2010 47 Comments

Social media and Nigeria’s market/brands

When it all started, very few people gave this baby, new trend a chance of survival. There were one thousand and one reasons why people thought it could not survive. The low level of infrastructure, cost of access to Internet was not within the reach of average person on the street. But few of us […]

10 May 2010 53 Comments

Brand: what is your marketing strategy?

  To say we live in changing times is an understatement. Each new day brings its own uniqueness. what used to be hot yesterday is no longer so. Marketing strategy of last century may no longer be tenable. What we have noticed is that some still want to stick to the old way of doing […]

27 January 2010 57 Comments

Brand marketing: the tsunami still rages

 Prior to the first tsunami in Asia, tsunami is just a word in the dictionary. Most people did not know what the word stands for, how it operates. All of us could not imagine the huge impact an occurrence can have on humanity. This was followed by ‘Hurricane Katrina’ which was the USA version under […]

24 September 2009 46 Comments

Take advantage of word of mouth

Sometimes when we consider what has been said in the praise of word of mouth, we may  feel people are over flogging the issue. The truth is word of mouth marketing is the future and backbone of marketing. A brand that enjoys great and outstanding word of mouth will gain substantial market share as brand […]