21 May 2009 6 Comments

Personal branding:are you so sure?

In the course of dealings with individuals in the area of personal and executive branding, I have noticed a flow of thought prevalent among many. People need a quick fix it answers. A tip of a sort. A wheel that one can swing in minutes and get result. My response to that is that there […]

20 March 2009 7 Comments

Brand engagement marketing

As the battle ground begins to shift from traditional mainstream mass media to digital media, the fierceness of the battle will soon be felt more on the cyberspace because customers now have a say. It is wise for brands to develop a strategy on how to play the game according to the rule. I must […]

10 January 2009 3 Comments

Conversation marketing playing ground

We have established that sitting on the fence when it comes to conversation marketing today is dangerous. It is like taking a position in the middle of a highway road. I do understand that for some, it appears we are speaking a foreign language with all the terms we are using here such as web […]

2 January 2009 2 Comments

Laying foundation for emotional connection.

It’s a great new year. It is a year that promises great dividends for those who know how to harness opportunities inside it. Despite the economic crunch. Knowing what to do will pay. Individual brand must know how to build emotional attachment to its own brand. The foundation of every emotional connection has been traceable […]

27 December 2008 9 Comments

Personal Brand promotion

For those who have discovered, given focus to their personal brands, its time to communicate or promote the brand they believe they have created. No one appreciates something that is not visible or known. But before the promotion, it will be good to look at the following guidelines or tips that can really help in […]

24 December 2008 1 Comment

A journey or a destination?

When you are asked what the difference between a journey and destination is, many have issues differentiating the two. We have heard the accolade ‘success is a journey not a destination’. Yea, that is true in a way. But how can one engage in a journey when destination is not known. Success means several things […]

24 December 2008 6 Comments

Tell Me More

Once again I often get called by our community here asking for further clarification on what personal branding is and how it can help in this time. Many believe it is just showing up. This is quite good as a beginner. Showing up is just a straightforward act and any one with good sense can […]

16 December 2008 5 Comments

Before you sell/pitch

Every great brand-corporate, product, personal-starts out small. The problem is that many make the mistake of churning out services or go ahead to pitch a client they hardly known. We are going to look at two major angles to this. For a successful pitch or sales, the audience is important as your storyline (content) is also vital. […]

17 November 2008 12 Comments

Personal branding basics

Like a corporate organization, personal branding is also essential. Personal branding is the ladder an individual uses to escape the average, a device one uses to help potential buyers or readers perceive one as the person they have been looking for. The need to differentiate today is becoming an unavoidable route.   We live in […]