7 January 2012 0 Comments

Africa National Brand Communication: is this what we want?

National branding is as essential as any other forms of branding. Any nation that ignores this does so at its own peril. America is not just a world leader by mouth; it has consciously raised the bar of positioning despites its multi-various challenges. Successful American leaderships, even though not at their best or perfect forms […]

26 October 2009 20 Comments

Rebranding Nigeria: The missing link

While I do not lay claim to being a national branding expertise, as a concerned brand strategist and communicator, I can not but occasionally express my thoughts on happenings in my home country. Our community must have noticed our consistency in operating within the confinement of the mission behind this blog: which is to help […]

31 August 2009 59 Comments

Rebranding: how Nigeria can get it right

We seem to be in the age of repositioning and rebranding millennium. Many things have been said and quoted, but our product, service strategists seem to be overlooking a part that leads to success. We seem to be hoping for the best but ignoring the fact that will help us get the best. Nigeria government […]

23 March 2009 1 Comment

Re-Branding Nigeria-My fear for Prof.Akinyuli

Sometimes, I do digress to talk about my home country. I am passionate about this great country irrespective of whatever the media hypes offer. This is the only country my children and next generation can officially called theirs. If by another means they become naturalize elsewhere, it may not be like this. When the re-branding […]

10 February 2009 3 Comments

Rebranding Nigeria 2

Today I may digress a little. One of the things that touch my heart came up in the news yesterday night. Last night I tuned in to one of the Television channels for news at ten. The first channel I tuned to relay the news about re-branding Nigeria and that this time around it is […]

9 February 2009 3 Comments

Personal branding for diplomats

A diplomat represents the interest of his/her country in a foreign country. A diplomat is saddled with a great responsibility of maintaining solid diplomatic relationship between two countries.This involves negotiating and meditating cordial relationships between his country and the one he is sent to. In facilitating relationships they are usually accorded certain privileges that others […]

14 January 2009 11 Comments

National Branding:why the fuss?

‘A strong brand is a rich brand and richness implies a complex and satisfying mix of many different elements, but these do little to diminish its equity’.-Simon Anholt From the research available, the brand equity of the USA appears to have significant portion of negative elements like drugs, teenage pregnancy, abuses among others. But these […]