1 February 2012 0 Comments

Brand positioning: 5 pillars that help

Brand positioning in the market is vital to brand success and profitability. In the journey to stardom and brand engagement, brand positioning is a major factor. Positioning is based on identifying uniqueness and communicating such. Brand positioning is also considered as process of creating brand offers in such a manner that it occupies a distinctive […]

21 July 2010 30 Comments

Niche Branding

Niche branding is simply a way of identifying and communicating what makes you different from a whole lot of people in your domain. It is the deliberate act of projecting particular set traits capable of influencing a favourable perception. It is a way of clarifying and communicating what makes you different and special. To achieving […]

13 August 2009 1 Comment

Niche marketing: unveiling the bride

  When it comes to professional jargons, each industry has a ton. Branding has its own which often confuses non-initiates. Jargons are peculiar to people who share common views either as professionals or tribes. Niche is an offshoot word from French which means ‘position, slot, and place’. In French it can be translated as nest, […]