20 February 2013 9 Comments

Oscar Pistorius: 6 lessons Social Media experts can learn from his murder case

A sound professional must be a keen observer. Experience is the best teacher so they say. But it can be great lesson if it is not yours. Oscar  Pistorious, the 26-year-oldouble-amputee Para-Olympian, is now in the global news. He is been charged with premeditated murder. Pistorius is accused because on Feb. 14, 2013 he shot […]

21 January 2013 0 Comments

How internal communication can be enhanced with Social Media

Effective internal communication strengthens employee communication and engagement.  More than ever before, effective internal communication breeds internal cohesiveness and commitment to achievement of corporate goals. Production of useful content through digital communication kits has become mandatory for every organization. This is highly essential today for global organization with presence in different regions. While we must […]

14 January 2013 0 Comments

How to sustain your brand indispensability in 2013

We live in a world that is changing. What is true now may become obsolete in few hours. So we can rightly say nothing is absolutely indispensable. But that is not a reason to become lazy and give up on the issue of brand indispensability. Remember it takes years to be where you are now. […]

7 January 2013 5 Comments

Social Media usage and associated legal issues

Social media has come to the mainstream. Anyone or organization who is still in inactive mode with regards to its use may have its whole system re-examine. Before we go ahead, let me say compliments of the season and sorry for the long break of close to a month. We are back and better and […]

20 September 2012 5 Comments

Online brand communication: tactics that give you an edge

We live in the age of web adaptation, communication and by extension, conversation. Conversation has increased the noise level. Getting attention today is a hard task. Many are talking but only few numbers are heard. Talking is cheap and common; receiving required attention is where the success lies. Many make the mistake of thinking all they […]

9 August 2012 32 Comments

London Olympics 2012 Outcome, lessons and brand communication

Olympics is not to win but to participate used to be old slogan. People go to Olympics to compete and hope for medals. Olympics is an international events that feature both summer and winter games. The game started from Greece as celebration of Greece god –especially Zeus. It is meant to be a competition among […]

3 August 2012 27 Comments

Six levels of ignorance that cost much on Social Media

Returns on Investment is a buzz word in marketing. Coming to social media, many brands really stayed away for a long time just because they could not understand the economic value of Social media to the business. Today, many are wiser and can now appreciate the value of Social media to business’ objective. In measuring […]

1 August 2012 24 Comments

6 simple ways to avoid hackers and other dangers on Social Media

Many of us today owned created accounts on several social Media platforms. Some have a good purpose for doing this while many just want to belong. The ease of access should not be a reason for abuse and unnecessary exposure. Do not be carried away by the opportunities social media offers. Many people had become […]

27 July 2012 14 Comments

7 reasons why social Media is not free

Social media is now a wonder in this generation as it gives voice to the voiceless. Everyone who has something to say now has a platform as long as they have access to internet. Social media revolution has brought a lot of changes to the way we communicate, market and conduct our affairs. Those who […]

12 July 2012 28 Comments

Corporate blogging: 8 Deaf and dumb rules for success

Being a physically challenged person may be an impediment but physical-impairment should not stop a person from reaching a desired height. We must acknowledge though reaching such heights will require more efforts with the challenge. For many organizations, starting a corporate blog had remained a big hurdle they feel could not be crossed. They give […]