15 July 2013 1 Comment

6 ways to extreme success on social media

There are several routes to success in every endeavour. But not every road gets you to the place you are going. In the new communication landscape we find ourselves, we know a solo run has become bygone game. Thinking community is the fastest way to growth. We must quickly add a caveat to this: only […]

25 September 2012 6 Comments

Social media steroid: dangers of being ‘high’ without significance

No one is immune today from the social media steroid. A recent info-graphics showed that out of over 950Millions Facebook users only 47% are males. This same stat also pointed out that over 500 Million Facebook users log on daily either to read or post content. This stat also showed that ages 25-34 use facebook […]

3 July 2012 18 Comments

Of social community,social organization and listening authority

Today we live with empowered species. No thanks to the level of awareness and rate at which information flows. No one is in the dark except those who chose to remain so. Even typical villagers now have assess to information through mass media or the ones communicated to them through mobile usage. It is no […]

5 October 2010 10 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver -2

This is the second part of a story I started yesterday. It is about  a cab driver that thought me great lesson in branding and community building through persistence and dedication. I hope our community can learn something from this too. Let me say a big thank you to Mr. Smart (not real name) who […]

4 October 2010 19 Comments

Branding and online community lessons from a cab driver

Each time I find common wisdom on the street I am not usually surprise. In the street corners of life are most vital lessons we can learn as adult. That is if we care to observe. For that singular reason I am a keen observer of my environment-whether familiar or strange ones. I am beginning […]

6 October 2009 35 Comments

Social media: will you still participate?

There is nothing good that does not has a cost attached. Everything that worth it will always make a demand from you. Today social media has become the buzz word. Many marketing communicators, public Relations experts and brand drivers are rushing into learning how to take advantage of the new trend. Trends as it is […]