10 December 2013 0 Comments

Crisis Management 3.0: 8 crucial points you must know now

Every day, life is becoming interesting, fun and challenging as well. Managers and leaders of brands must realize this and make a move to position their brands for better opportunities. Part of these preparations is to know that crisis is part of life. No one wishes or prays it happens but it does. Crisis is […]

12 July 2013 0 Comments

Social media: How to avoid self destruction

I passionately love social media but I have come to realise there is nothing that is permanently good without a side effect. Many drugs we use with fast and effective result do have some known and unknown effects. Yet we will not say because it has bad side effect we will rather remain in pain. […]

6 July 2012 16 Comments

Social Media: 10 easy routes to crisis

Social media is a two edge sword. It has a lot of opportunities and can be a wild lion. Its ability to go viral distinguishes the media from forms of media. As much as we can try, some crises are not preventable while we have control over others. Working and annexing the benefits of social […]

30 May 2012 2 Comments

Online reputation: 7 reasons why it counts

Online reputation management today is no longer a joke. Advancement in technology and by extension, New Media opportunities has made this a vital part of brand management process. About two years ago, I was watching a Television programme. The guest then was one of the ex-governors in the Niger delta region of this great Nation. […]