12 September 2013 0 Comments

Marketing African Safari and holiday centres on social media

Holidays and get away places are fun to be. Those who cherish their health and well-being will always invest in this.  Going to safari locations is one of the best ways to really have a worthy holiday. Africa is blessed with lots of great, exciting safaris and one of best places to go is to […]

26 June 2013 1 Comment

Six reasons why social media marketing integration works better

There is nothing entirely new under the heaven. Those who have eyes can see a correlation or similarity in the past and the present.  Such similarity may not look exactly the same but there is something a discerning eye can see. Social or digital media is no longer new, it has become part of our […]

21 June 2012 7 Comments

African brands’ Communication: Time to step up the game

African brands’ communication is picking up faster in the past few years when  to two decades ago. Some of the brands with origin in Africa are raising their wings against other competitive brands across the world.  No thanks to the level of technology. Africans and its brands are fast embracing technology use. As much as […]

25 April 2011 7 Comments

Brand and online visibility:five great routes

It is no longer news that Social Media helps businesses generate better connections with target audiences and creates awareness, leads generation which in due course improves ROI. Brand visibility today is non-negotiable business strategy. The world is now a tab away. Those who think staying in a local physical terrain and remaining there is the […]