4 September 2012 3 Comments

How employee grooming affects brand’s perception

A major dependence on a single branding item/issue often leads to brand destruction without knowing. This is often caused by the top management disposition, background and exposure. In cases where the CEO comes from Human resources background, there is always a tendency to focus of Human resources angle of the branding process. On the other […]

16 June 2011 3 Comments

Social Media downside and other issues: Rep. Anthony Weiner

Social Media in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere in the world is a powerful communication tool. But like I maintained in a previous post,social media has it challenges. Social Media can be compared to a wild animal. If not tamed, it can tear its owner. In ability to do this well often leads to brand destruction. […]

11 February 2011 10 Comments

How to strengthen your personal brand communication

It is no joke that personal brand communication will become  the survival of the ‘fitest’ battle. One can begin to look at it like a war zone which requires strategy development. This is particularly true when one takes a look at the potential rise in the relevance of social media platform around the globe. The […]

16 December 2010 13 Comments

Ambassador Buba Marwa: An example of a strong political brand

Around five ‘o’ clock yesterday evening, I tuned in to our national television station and was fascinated by a live programme the station was broadcasting at the time. The programme was the declaration of Ambassador Buba Marwa’s  intention to run for the Governorship of his home state-Adamawa in Northern Nigeria. Buba Marwa as we all […]

11 October 2010 11 Comments

Personal branding: How to strengthen yours in your market

People today need to realize like never before that they have only one life to live. This one life needs to be lived to the fullest. The choice of what becomes your personal brands in the marketplace is not anybody’s but yours! Earning a living as well as standing out in the midst of our […]

30 August 2010 4 Comments

Personal Branding: Living at Installed capacity

Living below capacity does not only frustrate an individual but also the society. When an individual lives below his/her capacity, many people will be affected namely the individual involved, his associates and the society at large. Every underutilized potential robs the society a vital ingredient that would have aided the development of another generation. Living […]

26 August 2010 13 Comments

Personal Branding: How to make your brand a showpiece

Recently I was reading an interview in the latest edition of Personal Branding Magazine by Dan Schawbel. The interview is centred on Monica Von Neumann giving initiative. Some of the points  I gained from the interview informed the creation of this piece. A peculiar trait issue I have noticed  in many people is  that they […]

9 August 2010 27 Comments

Personal Branding Lesson from ‘In Pursuit Of Happyness’

Someone says the spelling above is not right but that is the title of a film I watched. So pardon the title spelling. Those who are close to me know I am not a huge fan of movie and films. When I take the chance to watch one it must be that I am fascinated […]

10 June 2010 33 Comments

Personal Branding: stop going solo

Many have asked me why I always say that networking will be the rule of the game now. A guy actually said ‘if I have done my part do I need anyone to validate my effort?’ While I quite understand that we cannot substitute hard work for anything, it is also a known fact that […]

20 May 2010 54 Comments

Personal brand: How to misrepresent it

That personal branding is the way to remain afloat today is no longer a controversy. Individual must remain committed to building a brand he/she will be proud to stand by. Pretence or being a fake today will not help as much. The demand of the time with the advent of social media gives power as […]