6 May 2010 31 Comments

Personal Brand: Musa Yar Adua brand

Today Nigerians mourn their President. Yar Adua came, saw, did his best and surrendered to death after fighting hard to win the battle.Musa Yar Adua was born about fifty eight years ago to a great family with good reputation.He was one of the privileged Northerners who had great educational background. He had Masters of Science […]

4 May 2010 38 Comments

Personal Brand: the Dagrin’s Brand

This twenty six year old late upcoming Hip Hop artiste was laid to rest on Friday 30th April, 2010. He was such a promising young man with a bright future anyone can think of.He had gone through stuff, his life was a rise from grass to grace. He was favoured also by the creator of […]

26 April 2010 106 Comments

Personal Branding lessons from Gulder Ultimate Celebrity Search

Last night I watched glimpse from the ongoing Gulder Ultimate Celebrity Search reality show. This year’s Gulder Ultimate search is a special edition. This is because unlike the other Gulder Ultimate Searches, the ten contestants are celebrities. The names of the celebrities are: Chioma Chukwuka, Emeka Ike, Funke Akindele, Bob Manuel Udokwu, Princess the Comedian, Daddy […]

31 March 2010 44 Comments

Personal Branding: how self development helps

Today we have so much about personal branding with regards tos elf promotion. The noise level is so high that people keep saying image is everything or keep faking it till you get it. As much has I acknowledged that these are important, building on image, will not help much if there is no consistent […]

26 March 2010 19 Comments

Personal Brand: how to supercharge it

As we approach the weekend, many will say thank God is Friday while few will embrace the opportunity to work harder on their own brand. The truth is that your personal branding is what lives with you for the rest of your life after you have worked on your 24/7 paid job. Also given what […]

18 March 2010 52 Comments

Personal branding: towards the job of your dream

Increasingly the numbers of job cuts are still in the high side. Downsizing, rightsizing is still the buzz word especially in the banking industry in our environment. I also understand that many who still lay claim to a job are working  under the fear that it may soon become their turns. When it is not […]

8 March 2010 25 Comments

Personal Branding: The emotional labour factor

I just took time to read the last edition of Dan Shawbel’s Personal Branding magazine. The cover story actually drew my attention. I am a great fan of Seth Godin because he has achieved what I am trying to achieve despite all the odd in my environment. Most African nations have not come to appreciate […]

1 February 2010 48 Comments

Personal branding: make your efforts count

Everyday gives me an opportunity to learn and observe people around me. I learn from people who have been successful and those who are still on the radar of success as well as from a complete fool. In fact there is no one on the surface of the Earth that qualifies for such appellation as […]

5 January 2010 16 Comments

A.D.D: a common personal brand disease.

Attention deficit disorder is a coinage of the new age. No one seems to have time for anything except those things that are of utmost importance to them. No one is extremely interested in your brand except if it adds value to them. The noise level is not even helping the matter. The noise level […]

30 December 2009 27 Comments

Personal brand: do not let your position corrupt it

A person’s personal brand lives with him/her for life. Though there are many things in- between that will eventually add up to the full manifestation of the brand. Because established personal brand lives with one forever, calculated step must be taken towards demobilizing the in-between from destroying the lifelong journey. Personal brand must be seen as […]