18 September 2009 14 Comments

Stages, process of online brand crisis

Crisis is part of life. We may be able to avoid some through adequate planning, strategy. Crisis explosion is now given a wing to fly online, brand must add knowledge. Recent cases are there to access. Crises do strike many brands but it affects unprepared brands more than the ever ready brands. Interestingly most crises […]

7 January 2009 7 Comments

Build to last brands

As brand owners or the brand itself (Personal Branding), it should be a concern¬†to us to build a lasting brand that does not fizzle out before its time. In Africa, very few corporate brands have crossed the two hundred years of existence. Meanwhile, we have up to seven hundred years corporate brands in western world. […]

4 December 2008 21 Comments

The C-factors in Branding.

Today, I want to consider what one of my mentors william Arruda called the C-factors in personal Branding and this also includes Branding at large. It is clear we can not talk about branding without these C-factors. To ignore these factors is to pitch the tent of our brands at failure arena. ¬† 1. Clear: […]