27 September 2010 17 Comments

Brands: how to build a start up through social marketing

Social media is no longer used by individuals to stay in touch or to stay connected. Starts up entrepreneurs are now seeking the opportunities in social media to expose their services to target through social marketing. Many are getting it right while many are losing it big times. This is because they do not understand […]

6 May 2010 31 Comments

Personal Brand: Musa Yar Adua brand

Today Nigerians mourn their President. Yar Adua came, saw, did his best and surrendered to death after fighting hard to win the battle.Musa Yar Adua was born about fifty eight years ago to a great family with good reputation.He was one of the privileged Northerners who had great educational background. He had Masters of Science […]

15 March 2010 167 Comments

Brands: Why your brand suffers without a blog

Today many brands are yet to see the impact of running a blog can have on their performance. Many brands still believe that blogs are just for small kids or any brand that just want to join the bandwagon, plays ‘me too’ game. What an individual do not know will rob him of its value. […]

27 January 2010 57 Comments

Brand marketing: the tsunami still rages

 Prior to the first tsunami in Asia, tsunami is just a word in the dictionary. Most people did not know what the word stands for, how it operates. All of us could not imagine the huge impact an occurrence can have on humanity. This was followed by ‘Hurricane Katrina’ which was the USA version under […]

20 April 2009 23 Comments

Personal branding E-book offer

Waoh, the Personal Branding and corporate success seminar was successfully hosted last weekend. There were lots of funs. The facilitators did a good job. I opened the floor by taking the class on the need for urgent appraisal of individual personal brand. This was followed by Dayo Olomu (U.k) presentation on how to enhance personal […]

26 March 2009 6 Comments

How to fortify your personal brand

Every personal brand has greater potential force of reckoning than we all acknowledged. Each given personal brand has innate capability to impact the thoughts, deeds and actions of those around us. Interestingly, when we do our parts, the law of psychological reciprocity which states “human beings are instinctively impelled to return to others the feelings […]

19 January 2009 2 Comments

Brand advertisement:what will you do?

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. Now if I only know which half-John Wannamaker Advertising consumes huge budget and yet it is often does not have tangible ROI. It focus most times is not to generate sales. So why invest in it or not? Like marketing, brand advertising is to create awareness, expose […]

27 December 2008 9 Comments

Personal Brand promotion

For those who have discovered, given focus to their personal brands, its time to communicate or promote the brand they believe they have created. No one appreciates something that is not visible or known. But before the promotion, it will be good to look at the following guidelines or tips that can really help in […]

8 December 2008 17 Comments

Promoting The Psp

Developing your personal selling proposition is really important and it is a great idea to cherish. But except you are a professional, you may not get the best out of the process. That is if you are serious about the outcome. Having said this, there are several ways to promote the created personal selling proposition. […]

3 December 2008 3 Comments

Personal Brand’s profitability

There is one African adage that says we do not use the size of our body built to open a locked door, the one that has the key will open the door without stress even if he is the smallest. To be successful in any endeavour requires adequate knowledge etc.   Today I just want to […]