17 July 2013 1 Comment

How to enhance corporate profitability through digital media

Every organization’s ultimate aim is to make profit. This is a major concern and motive. Though they may need to offer value, help some other people along the way to reach this lofty goal. No sales, no business is a popular cliché. In today’s world, several media are now available for use. Hanging on or […]

29 October 2012 9 Comments

Content marketing: 4 reasons why you are failing woefully

 Content is the holy grail of marketing today. Content is not cheap. Content is really hard work and it will bring blood out of the brand custodians, Communicators’ nose. But the good thing is that when victory is gotten, the sweat will worth it. When heavy Weight boxers fight, sometimes we wonder why not quite […]

20 December 2011 1 Comment

Brand Communication: Creating awareness through SEO

Brand communication strategy in yesteryears mainly hinged on Newspaper and print Media adverts now. If brand did not have enough fund then, it could be a mirage to think of gaining any eyeball at all. The advent of internet, technology is changing the game plan. But now it is sheer foolishness  crying because our brands […]