16 April 2013 2 Comments

Digital media intelligence gathering: 6 essential clues

We live in a world filled with orchestrated dangers. People kill people at a will. Bad people now strategically work out evil plot with success. In the midst of these all, we can discern clues that may help us to avoid impending danger if we are wise and diligent enough. We must all become intelligence […]

2 April 2013 5 Comments

The Madiba brand: 5 lessons from an enduring brand

Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela represents many things to many tribes. For some he is a human right activist while to others he is freedom fighter. In some quarters he is a principled Politician and Statesman. His entire life has been dedicated to the service of humanity. He remains one of the focused and selfless African sons. […]

5 March 2013 2 Comments

7 lessons social Media activist can learn from a farmer

Being a cutting edge professional creates better opportunities. But having a mindset like concrete may destroy every great potential. A thriving professional must be able to learn from his/her environment. One must also understands the trend and see how to pick vital lessons in varied environments and apply such. Farming may not appear to be […]

22 February 2013 7 Comments

Google Glass Promo: 5 classic lessons on how social media helps in Product Pre-launch

Whoever says our lives will ever remain the same in this age of social media must think again. The fear of many that the world is coming to an end seems to be close to confirmation. That is on a lighter mood. One thing we cannot take away is we must  acknowledge the speed at […]

11 December 2012 2 Comments

How to Ignite and tap into Social Buzz Advantage

Recently I was reading an article in   PRNews on  the principles of buzz equity and I must confess it appears  anew light shines on my knowledge about social buzz creation in today’s 24/7 conversation world. Social buzz is now hot. Without this, brand may be in hot water. It is becoming obvious and imperative that […]

20 November 2012 5 Comments

Social Media Campaign: five secrets of success

We live in a world where customers are king. What a brand thinks is hot and wants to say may not constitute part of the priorities of the target. Try as hard as brands may, it is obvious brands no longer totally control their own stories. I like the way Steven Rosenbaum puts this in […]

17 October 2012 1 Comment

Fire and forget communication: what is wrong with it?

Today’s business is about relationship. Unfortunately many have not gotten that. They still engage in fire and forget communication strategy. The old ways of doing stuff no longer holds water. Applying the principle of business/brand as subject and clients as objects will lead nowhere but early death of the brand. For brand to achieve maximum […]

5 October 2012 0 Comments

How to maximize emotional cues on Social Media

We live in an ‘opportunity filled’ world. No one is short of opportunities if they can actually annex them. Building relationship with diverse audience has become so easy. But understanding the mechanics will show whether a brand will be successful at it or not. In our daily lives, we understand many people carry baggage of […]

25 September 2012 6 Comments

Social media steroid: dangers of being ‘high’ without significance

No one is immune today from the social media steroid. A recent info-graphics showed that out of over 950Millions Facebook users only 47% are males. This same stat also pointed out that over 500 Million Facebook users log on daily either to read or post content. This stat also showed that ages 25-34 use facebook […]

13 September 2012 9 Comments

Impact of Social proof on target decision

As an individual, my focus when it comes to anything in life is inclined towards quality over quantity. When it comes to Social marketing, I still have not changed this perception but event surrounding success in social media platforms is probably making me to do a rethink. That does not mean I am throwing caution […]