11 October 2013 0 Comments

How to properly turn a conversation to a campaign online

Vision and focus are two words which have relative meaning. They also have one thing in common- they blindfold.  Sometimes when we are pursuing our goals passionately, every other thing seems irrelevant. We may be looking but our minds are fixed on the goal before us. At this level, even if the physical eyes are […]

2 September 2013 0 Comments

Social media marketing: move back I am not available for a kiss

Active players in the field of social marketing are fully aware this region is more of relationship than technology. No wonder the word ‘social’ is in front and not at the back or in between. This also indirectly says volume about success route to follow. A social relationship is not one-sided. It is a shared […]

29 July 2013 0 Comments

Social media campaign: when you must make a U-turn

Things do go wrong. Ability to note this on time with enough courage to make instant and right U-turn is the hallmark of great professional. In this piece we will be examining the right time to make amendment to one’s activities online. This will also assist many who may not know there is nothing wrong […]

18 February 2013 2 Comments

12 negative factors that can affect social media efforts, campaign triumph

Everyone knows the future of communication has been altered permanently. Communication industry can never remain the same. Digital communication is a major reason for this. Technology will keep changing. Better understanding of this must keep us at our toes as communication experts. Everyone is involved in a social media effort or a sort of campaign […]

7 December 2012 7 Comments

Social Media and Political Policy Engagement

  Politics is a dirty game is a known cliché. Meanwhile real Politicians will not let you call their game a dirty one. Real democracy thrives on people’s participation, involvement and engagement through dialogue and compromises. In all, it is the people’s wish that is supposed to prevail because Politicians hold their posts on trust. […]

20 November 2012 5 Comments

Social Media Campaign: five secrets of success

We live in a world where customers are king. What a brand thinks is hot and wants to say may not constitute part of the priorities of the target. Try as hard as brands may, it is obvious brands no longer totally control their own stories. I like the way Steven Rosenbaum puts this in […]

14 November 2012 6 Comments

Corporate speak in the age of social Media

Many organizations still live in the Stone Age without knowing. They still engage the old order of communication. They engage ‘corporate speak’ which appeals to them. We daily witness this through their superlative language and embellishment of achievements in an egoistic manner. This often appeals to the top management and other key functionality within the […]