30 June 2014 0 Comments

Social media day 2014: the lessons, the impact and the disruptions

Social media has been with us for close to two decades. Though some how it was not so named then. At least from 1991, we have seen manifestation, traces of what is now known as social media tools. It is on record also that faceBook, Twitter and Youtube came a little bit later, but it […]

24 September 2013 1 Comment

Digital media team: 12 signs you have a team that can deliver

It is clear there is a visible and an intense explosion in online communication process. Any organization with an eye on success must not only have a communication team, but equip them well. There is no serious organization today which will not consider having a digital communication unit. Where this belongs may be a matter […]

2 September 2013 0 Comments

Digital media: why you must always kiss your target

Every new day comes with different challenges. We must adapt to the changes while many fundamental truths remain constant. Some of these truths must be obeyed if we are determined to win. In writing and speech making, we have been warned to ensure we obey ‘kiss’ which means keep it simple and short. Before we […]

24 August 2013 0 Comments

Online reputation crisis: A case study of why Non-Profits should care

We now live in an interesting but delicate age and time. This age gives power to everyone to express whatever excites them. This liberty and opportunity come with its own challenge. The challenge is that every local news has potential of gaining global attention. Someone said every news has potential ‘global warming` effect. Global warming […]

5 March 2013 2 Comments

7 lessons social Media activist can learn from a farmer

Being a cutting edge professional creates better opportunities. But having a mindset like concrete may destroy every great potential. A thriving professional must be able to learn from his/her environment. One must also understands the trend and see how to pick vital lessons in varied environments and apply such. Farming may not appear to be […]

18 February 2013 2 Comments

12 negative factors that can affect social media efforts, campaign triumph

Everyone knows the future of communication has been altered permanently. Communication industry can never remain the same. Digital communication is a major reason for this. Technology will keep changing. Better understanding of this must keep us at our toes as communication experts. Everyone is involved in a social media effort or a sort of campaign […]

28 January 2013 6 Comments

Brand Reputation: The risk in a Retweet ( A case study of El-Rufai and Eva Longoria)

The use of digital platforms has added a new dimension to conversation and brand communication management. Only people with little sense will think whatever is said on these platforms is just a joke that cannot attract any attention. This is much more so if people regard or hold the brand or person involved in high […]