13 May 2013 0 Comments

Online Social behaviours that can cost you so much damage

It is no news everyone has the capacity to be a creator and publisher. The internet age has empowered everyone to showcase their skills. Interestingly it is better if some just stay away from social media use. The reason is that staying away can make them reduce impact of damage they are causing their brands. […]

9 April 2013 4 Comments

Margaret Thatcher and The 10 laws of digital media

Barroness Margaret Thatcher is dead is no longer news. She died peacefully at the age of 87. She had a record of been the only female Prime Minister United Kingdom has ever had till date. No doubt Margaret Thatcher was a cat of many lives. She was an iron lady to some while many others […]

5 February 2013 2 Comments

35 Laws of successful Social Media activities and digital campaign

It is a common knowledge communication industry has witnessed and is still undergoing a drastic change. Those who want to play the game as it used to will soon get lost in the graveyard of their industry. Within the communication industry I do think the worst hit is Public Relations and Print media. An article […]

14 January 2013 2 Comments

Social Media Promotion Crimes: Many brands are liable!

The incorporation and use of social media by many brands is one of the best things that can happen to businesses and brands. The power of social media and the disruption it brings to Marketing, Public Relations, Business process, performance, Communications at different levels is here to stay. Nobody should think it is going to […]