23 April 2015 1 Comment

10 Power nuggets for blogging, my 10 years ‘ experience

How time flies. Few days ahead it will a decade now that I started out my blogging experience. In between, I have had moments: sometimes not knowing what to write, sometimes excited that I am helping someone out there with the little knowledge one has and  sometimes I had remained silent as if my hand […]

30 June 2014 0 Comments

Social media day 2014: the lessons, the impact and the disruptions

Social media has been with us for close to two decades. Though some how it was not so named then. At least from 1991, we have seen manifestation, traces of what is now known as social media tools. It is on record also that faceBook, Twitter and Youtube came a little bit later, but it […]

25 November 2013 1 Comment

Social Media Marketing: Mashable.com may be inaccurate on this

As Social media advanced in usage with several attendant opportunities, we (individual users), must also think twice. The demand is shifting from being transparent. People are saying that is no longer enough. People out there want strong accountability if we must scale through.  It is now easy for people or informed to unearth deep secrets […]

12 September 2013 0 Comments

Marketing African Safari and holiday centres on social media

Holidays and get away places are fun to be. Those who cherish their health and well-being will always invest in this.  Going to safari locations is one of the best ways to really have a worthy holiday. Africa is blessed with lots of great, exciting safaris and one of best places to go is to […]

27 August 2013 0 Comments

Social media: why the bad guys always hook the beautiful ladies

Each passing day many people keep postponing what they know is right. They keep wishing, hoping that the dream they have will just be delivered to them. It is only in the realm of magic or dream that such happens. Everyone that excels has learnt how to wake up from sleep and hit the road. […]

29 July 2013 0 Comments

Social media campaign: when you must make a U-turn

Things do go wrong. Ability to note this on time with enough courage to make instant and right U-turn is the hallmark of great professional. In this piece we will be examining the right time to make amendment to one’s activities online. This will also assist many who may not know there is nothing wrong […]

16 July 2013 0 Comments

Digital Media diseases: When your targets are ‘idiots’ or suffering from ADHD

Those who refuse to learn will soon be forgotten. The age we live in require possession of updated information at one’s finger tips. Many issues are raising their ugly heads and lots of professionals are becoming helpless just because they cannot catch up with the rate at which news break and how the changes are […]

13 May 2013 0 Comments

Online Social behaviours that can cost you so much damage

It is no news everyone has the capacity to be a creator and publisher. The internet age has empowered everyone to showcase their skills. Interestingly it is better if some just stay away from social media use. The reason is that staying away can make them reduce impact of damage they are causing their brands. […]

6 May 2013 2 Comments

How to win Social media marketing war

Everyone (brand) seems to have seen the impact of technology on business. We live in the age of social communication and enterprise must be social to excel. No true brand with a desire to make outstanding progress today will ignore this tool. The war among Fortune 500 and other medium and small scale industries is […]

12 March 2013 3 Comments

How to walk through the tight rope of great digital campaigns and online business

Whatever we aim to do is achievable. Someone already achieved it or is in the process of breaking the news. Running online business or global digital campaigns today can be challenging but if we understand the metrics, we stand the chances. Two of Nigeria’s online retail services Konga and Jumai now enjoy investment from external […]