8 July 2013 1 Comment

Nigeria twitter Community: The influencers and the drama

Some of the best values of Twitter are its immediacy and news on the goal. We must commend the team behind this initiative as they keep refining the wheel. Twitter team has also gotten all major actors in the world to join its platform. Initially twitter was not part of online communication tools, but since […]

28 January 2013 6 Comments

Brand Reputation: The risk in a Retweet ( A case study of El-Rufai and Eva Longoria)

The use of digital platforms has added a new dimension to conversation and brand communication management. Only people with little sense will think whatever is said on these platforms is just a joke that cannot attract any attention. This is much more so if people regard or hold the brand or person involved in high […]

10 October 2012 7 Comments

Social Media and National (Brand) Image

Those who thought Social media use in Nigeria or elsewhere has not come into the mainstream will have to reconsider their opinions. The implication of this is huge for brands (personal, product, corporate and National). Planning and engaging traditional media alone in this age is tantamount to media malpractices. That is just the simple truth. […]

5 September 2012 19 Comments

How Twitter,Facebook was used to save a life in Nigeria

Social Media like money is neither evil nor totally good. In actually fact, nothing in life is either totally bad or totally evil. Take for instance, Airplanes. When there is a crash, people cry foul. Often we do not examine the human failure that leads to such. As human, when something bad happens, we are […]

25 June 2012 7 Comments

Brand Communications in Africa: Challenges of digital Public Relations and Marketing

Digital communication across platforms is now a must. As we approach Social Media conference Lagos 2012 which holds on Thursday June 28, 2012, we are beginning to see why African market still has a long way to go. Many African brands are still in the region of ‘let us see how it goes first’. There […]

11 November 2011 11 Comments

African Social Media use: Time to brace up

Social media use in Africa or elsewhere is no longer a fad but a revolution. Those who are still hoping it will fade away must wake up to the reality. In most developing nations-African countries inclusive, the snail- speed approach to the use of social media is becoming a great concern. While the advanced nations […]