2 December 2010 12 Comments

Brand Communication: How to strengthen online influencer’s position

Today I may not command the kind of online attention desired, but I must acknowledged I am not where I used to be. You do not become an influencer overnight. It is a product of consistent action, learning on the way and making adjustment where necessary. In the course of my journey I have discovered some […]

14 October 2010 12 Comments

Brand and community building strategy

Every day I get request from people who are tired of investing time in building a strong brand community. Some have tried severally to build a profitable and engaging community without success. Some of them are aware that there is a possibility that such state exist where a brand can achieve long desired goal of […]

18 March 2010 52 Comments

Personal branding: towards the job of your dream

Increasingly the numbers of job cuts are still in the high side. Downsizing, rightsizing is still the buzz word especially in the banking industry in our environment. I also understand that many who still lay claim to a job are working  under the fear that it may soon become their turns. When it is not […]

22 July 2009 72 Comments

Brand positioning and strategy success

Many brand owners, drivers often overlook a critical point that can help in making their strategies work. Because of this many brand investments often fail to achieve purpose. This may not be attributed to the veracity of the brand’s strategy but an oversight by the strategists. In a recent article by Chris Helle, Chris maintained […]

15 June 2009 3 Comments

The two-edge sword of branding

Quite an age. It is has been close to two weeks of silence. Sure many of our community members out there would be wondering what happened. So sorry about that. I have being working on something and trying to find out a better way to help our community. When that is finalized, we will communicate […]

2 June 2009 2 Comments

Is your brand protected against collapse?

Storm has continued its rage for many brands, eventually the big brands are going down. GM is now in the news. Advanced economy has been affected, major brands are declaring bankruptcy and aids are being requested. Staffs are being laid off. Many brands are still searching frantically for the way out. A concerned brand owner […]

19 May 2009 70 Comments

How to handle brand’s damage, attacks

No one wants or desires attack but we can not afford that once in a while. Sometimes the attack may not be intentional or it may be a result of mis-directed angst. Attack may be justifiable also. A careless press of computer buttons by an individual can spell a viral damage and the hard earned […]

31 March 2009 4 Comments

Personal brand’s failure

No one wishes to fail. But our actions or inactions will point to which direction we are all heading. Brand uniqueness guarantees profitability and success. The success of any personal brand is hinge on determination, persistence, strategy, communication with extra commitment to the commitment. Personal Branding is a journey not a destination. As you move […]

16 March 2009 8 Comments

Stand out brands

Branding is all about differentiation. But it is obvious that some brands do stand out among their peers. Many brands owners are worried why their brands are not outstanding. The reason is that when the basics are given, there is need to do certain things right and that is what we will focus on today. […]

4 March 2009 6 Comments

Personal brand’s time bomb

Many things we do today may not have direct impact on us today but the effect can be longer and lasting. Every decision has correspondence result. For personal branding there are certain acts that are time bomb which a brand must plant in order to secure the future and its well-being  at no distance time. […]