2 July 2013 0 Comments

Google Reader: The Morning after

It is no longer news Google Reader is now dead. The obituary is everywhere. Its death cannot be said to be natural, it was induced or what can be regarded as euthanasia. This seems to be the way out for the family after a careful consideration of the present circumstance where social media platforms had […]

6 October 2011 10 Comments

6 branding lessons according to Steve Jobs’ Life

Yesterday marked the sun set of a great icon. Today present an awesome moment around the world to re-asses what really matter in the lifespan of any brand. This is because one of the world’s inventors, shinning light, leaders, fighters, Entrepreneurs, innovators and brightest individuals born in the second half of the 2oth century just […]

8 August 2011 18 Comments

Brand Communication: How to make history happen

Two days ago, the world celebrated twenty years of real world wide world inauguration that led to web 2.0 rave. Tim Berners-Lee created the first web browser, World Wide Web and posted some stuff live on the internet. The introduction of World Wide Web has changed the way we all live today. I am just […]

24 June 2010 24 Comments

Brands:how to use engagement marketing to reduce cost

I wake up with possibilities each day. I am passionate about making entrepreneurs and brands succeed in their efforts despite the economy. Money is not available to do everything we want to do. If I am correct there has never been anytime when money goes round to do all that human desire to accomplish. The […]

23 April 2009 30 Comments

Brands and technology

A couple of days ago I was discussing with a client from banking industry about the level of fast phase changing technology and why many are not taking advantage in the technology to bond. Despite the level of noise with regards to insecurity occasioned by constant allegation of low liquidity level, de-marketing in the industry among […]

9 January 2009 9 Comments

customer engagement and web 2.0

Engagement has become a buzz word now. It is built on trust plus positive perception. We are no longer in the old landscape where customer satisfaction rules. We are now in a new landscape where that is the minimum requirement. Value acceleration is the order of the day. The new landscape has fused marketing with […]

26 December 2008 6 Comments

Christmas tree viral effect

A good idea sells like hot cake. During Christmas, a text message went round the country at least my family got several. The text has Christmas tree as the major icon with text in various forms but the following is very common: ‘I set up this Xmas tree just for you and your family. It […]

22 December 2008 2 Comments

Cyber or physical space?

In the past three years I have being involved in ongoing research of cyberspace with regards to how brands can take advantage of the cyberspace to enhance visibility and credibility. My focus though had been on social media implications. With the result gotten so far, I can say with all modesty that I am becoming […]