17 October 2012 1 Comment

Fire and forget communication: what is wrong with it?

Today‚Äôs business is about relationship. Unfortunately many have not gotten that. They still engage in fire and forget communication strategy. The old ways of doing stuff no longer holds water. Applying the principle of business/brand as subject and clients as objects will lead nowhere but early death of the brand. For brand to achieve maximum […]

28 December 2009 26 Comments

Social media cloud: are you connected?

Yesterday, I was speaking at an annual conference of a youth advocacy group I had the privilege of pioneering about a decade and half years ago. I actually led the group for three years before I committed the assignment to some other individuals who could steer its wheel of progress. This group today (which was […]

9 January 2009 9 Comments

customer engagement and web 2.0

Engagement has become a buzz word now. It is built on trust plus positive perception. We are no longer in the old landscape where customer satisfaction rules. We are now in a new landscape where that is the minimum requirement. Value acceleration is the order of the day. The new landscape has fused marketing with […]