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Yinka Olaito

17 April 2014 0 Comments Read 394 Times

4 ways to resolve a tweet that goes awry: case study of US Airways

Brands like human are open to mistake. Whether you are US Airways or other unknown brand, you may not always get it right. Some of your steps may be calculated and land you where you never intended. Around three ‘o’ clock PM on Monday, 14th April, 2014 US Airways mistakenly tweet a picture with a […]

15 April 2014 0 Comments Read 392 Times

Trends in Nigeria Social media platform use

One thing about life is its ever changing status. Nothing is static. Things keep revolving. Social media platform tools have continued to be relevant in sharing knowledge, networking, brand engagement and promotion among others. Since 2008 when many Nigeria users began to create accounts and applied social media tools to their daily living, things have […]

7 April 2014 0 Comments Read 398 Times

Negative Online content? 3 best ways to deal with it

We live in the age of technology with lots of opportunities and challenges for brand owners. There is the daily challenge of phishing, hackers and many other associated problems. There are people who just want to destroy others by all means with no just cause. In our clime, the major challenge here has to do […]

3 April 2014 0 Comments Read 555 Times

Digital Media, Democratic value changes and accountability

Democracy is define as government by the people for the people and by the people. While this is an age long cliché, many developing and low income countries still struggle to understand and practice the import of this truth. The business as usual method of thinking they could permanently enslave the citizenry keeps ringing bell […]

1 April 2014 0 Comments Read 292 Times

Online Business relationship: how to safeguard your brand

Great relationships (whether business or personal) are usually built on values and other factors that can promote mutual benefit. We cannot run away from building great business partnership online today. But there are attendant challenges that we must watch out for so  we do not become victims of sharp practices that have become part of […]

17 March 2014 0 Comments Read 633 Times

6 Impacts of Innovation and creativity on corporate digital media activities

Digital media and innovation, impact of creativity on digital media activities, leading a change in content publishing, how to stand out in digital media activities

The digital age comes with opportunities, demands and trying challenges. Making headway does not come easy also except if you want to join the bandwagon.  There is need for you to have long and medium term goals. More importantly you must not forget the two major tools associated with outstanding development: Innovation and creativity. This […]

12 March 2014 0 Comments Read 757 Times

Content development and Marketing: 7 ways to get the best for your brand

Those who ignore or are careless about content development and marketing for their brands today are playing with the future. The future is now and it can also be tomorrow. Wherever the future is for you, just be sure you are making it a great dawn. For those who know, online content development must begin […]

27 February 2014 0 Comments Read 673 Times

Reno Omokri & Social Media: How pseudo activities can hurt great brand

Technology gives us power to connect and builds strong relationship with people. The virtual world is now very real. We converse with people in Millions of miles away without nursing a thought of possibility of them being a ghost. Like many fears, technology does not only bring with it only good aspect, there are other […]

14 February 2014 0 Comments Read 533 Times

National Branding: how internal audience’ story enhance its profile

Story telling is the new magic of brand engagement. Learning to tell your brand story well will build credibility and ignite, build better and solid relationship. Here is a story that someone sent in. Happy reading:  “Yes! There are good people in this country. Or what do you say when someone stretches out a hand […]

12 February 2014 0 Comments Read 728 Times

Online fake accounts: how to identify and deal with them, escape their menace

if you are an account holder in any of the online social tools you would have been approached by varied characters who are asking for friend  or other suspicious requests. The menace of these sets of social media users had made many genuine users withdrawn their active participation from these social platforms. We are of […]