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Yinka Olaito

23 July 2015 0 Comments Read 783 Times

Can crowdfunding help my ideas, talents flourish? A case study of Torera Idowu

We live in changing world, technology keeps throwing things at our faces. Things that were practically impossible five decades ago are now easy to do even if you do not leave a particular location.  There are things  that are available around us which many still think they need  lot of energy and travelling to come […]

21 July 2015 0 Comments Read 438 Times

Summer short wedding dress & Wedding Gown for Modern Lady

Wedding is the most crucial day of a young woman’s life. Additionally, in this way every young woman asks for and is resolved to look the most rich and grand on that day. Wearing Summer short dresses for your wedding fulfilled by the wedding outfit she wears. People may not review the date of the […]

3 July 2015 0 Comments Read 1241 Times

Essential Needs For Capacity Building Of Your Digital/ Social Media Team

Every great team and process need continuous overhauling. This is because if they remain stagnant, it is a matter of time before life is existed out of them. Though still alive but what one will have is just an echo and not a voice. No matter how great an individual is today, if he remains […]

22 June 2015 0 Comments Read 1716 Times

6 factors that make online posts go viral

We all love to post stuff online and gain traction. Nobody wants to be a failure. We all cherish being appreciated,  followed  and ‘liked’ online. For those who work hard on their content , they know this is a hard task. We all know people claim content is king, but in most cases content may […]

15 June 2015 0 Comments Read 1655 Times

The Perils of Bad Branding

Branding exercises can often fall completely flat on their faces, especially if a distinct lack of imagination is utilised by marketing executives. This was perfectly shown during the rebranding of the Las Vegas Hilton, when its name was changed simply to the LVH Hotel. Uninspiring, boring and more akin to a title used by a […]

8 June 2015 4 Comments Read 2799 Times

Nigeria Bloggers and Online Writers’ Forum: Free membership opens

Online writing, blogging, citizen journalism has become global game changer in the way we communicate today. The advent of digital tools brought a lot of disruptions to the way organizations and individuals communicate.  No serious brand can neglect or refuse to pay attention to what is going on online. Those who do that in the […]

27 May 2015 2 Comments Read 2384 Times

How to re-invent Journalism in Nigeria

Journalism as a profession is best practised when there is a passion. A great journalist is a lover of words. Even when one is not a Shakespeare from scratch, there must be a great  urge to be the best. Hence great journalists read, relate, learn and relearn those things they knows. A great media profesional […]

6 May 2015 0 Comments Read 2803 Times

Strategic Advocacy, how to tap into employees’ potential

We live in the age of social good, social capital and conversation. Where people exist conversation is the oil of mutual understanding, respect. Absence of communication can destroy great idea and corporation.  It is clear to all that those who tried hard to sell at every opportunity instead of first building solid relationship and trust […]

23 April 2015 1 Comment Read 3608 Times

10 Power nuggets for blogging, my 10 years ‘ experience

How time flies. Few days ahead it will a decade now that I started out my blogging experience. In between, I have had moments: sometimes not knowing what to write, sometimes excited that I am helping someone out there with the little knowledge one has and  sometimes I had remained silent as if my hand […]

13 April 2015 0 Comments Read 3193 Times

Impact of Brand Association On Brand performance : Jimi Agbaje’s Case study

Greater performance of brand has its fun and challenges. Making a headway requires vision,strategy, effective communication,execution, association, quality engagement with stakeholders  and informed choices. If the brand owners do not place premium value on any of the above no matter how hard they work they may discover too late that results may never justify inputs. […]