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Yinka Olaito

18 January 2015 0 Comments Read 658 Times

Jim Clancy, CNN And Corporate Social Media Policy: Lessons

Few days ago, Jim Clancy’s 34 years great service with Cable Network News (CNN) came to an abrupt end. The nature of his exist gives much room for lots of questioning and probing. While Jim Clancy and CNN  owe no one apology with regards to what transpired in between the line, but as a curious […]

14 January 2015 0 Comments Read 850 Times

Best advice for employee social media use during General election 2015

We are in the 21st Century but corporate behaviours and policies of many organizations still point us back the 19th century. Dictatorship,command and control is still having its ways through background doors. We want to show we are here in the new, dynamic century, but we will rather want to hold on to the ways […]

23 December 2014 0 Comments Read 1912 Times

11 reasons why you cannot ignore digital tools in 2015

Digital tools are here to stay. There is a whole lot of wisdom in it if we quickly engage them at both personal and corporate level. It is increasingly difficult for any one to ignore social tools. In previous  article we decided  for once to go with the naysayers by helping them to feel cool […]

22 December 2014 0 Comments Read 1407 Times

6 reasons why I hate digital media tools & why you…

With digital media tools, it is not all about success stories. We cannot deceive ourselves that it is all about success. Nothing short of this will be one-eyed view perspective. I have been asked by someone why I am always pushing only the right side of the tool?  I do understand and agree but my […]

17 December 2014 0 Comments Read 1574 Times

5 attributes of Titanic digital community,brand and their challenges

Remeber Titanic- the Royal Mail Ship ‘RMs Titanic’, that big British ship, a passenger liner, that sang and killed all its passengers in North Atlantic Ocean  on April 15, 1912?. Even if most of us were not born as at that time, we have had cause to watch the movie produced. From what we learnt, […]

15 December 2014 0 Comments Read 1499 Times

How to identify A Community, brand with legacy in the social age

Those who still think the strategies of the ‘big boss’ theory will still help them move forward faster need a rethink. The social age is putting power in the hands of everyone. The use of the power though has issues, but must be respected. Many with social power,  opportunities keep mismanaging their potential. The customer […]

8 December 2014 0 Comments Read 1679 Times

Startupland: advice for startup brand owners, entrepreneurs from Mikkel Svane etal

About two weeks ago, I granted an interview to business column of Vanguard Newspaper in Nigeria about my thought on digital communication in Nigeria, startup entrepreneurship among other issues. The opinion I shared are all  my own conviction of the stuff  I considered as  parts of  ammunitions entrepreneur must be armed with to excel. A […]

17 November 2014 0 Comments Read 2598 Times

The future is digital, are you there?

It is amazing how life can be cheap if we understand its principles and rudiments. I am a strong believer in time and season though. A continuos commitment to what you love to do, even if it is not paying much today will pay off tomorrow. The human challenge is that we want to wait […]

13 November 2014 0 Comments Read 2136 Times

Digital Journalism in Nigeria : the challenges and the future

No one can deny the fact we now live in the digital age. Every thing is changing and we must change, adapt and move with the trend if we must remain on top of the game or  if we are heading for somewhere great and relevant. Every profession is witnessing the change. None is spared. […]

30 October 2014 0 Comments Read 2766 Times

Content management& Social media campaign lessons from ‘Akeelah and The Bee’

Success in content marketing or social media campaigns require a lot of adaptations. It is a continuous school of learning. Those who can not learn, listen and adapt have no future in this field. Making a headway requires full observation, attention and time. No wonder many run out of gas a few week after their […]