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Yinka Olaito

15 August 2017 0 Comments Read 545 Times

Elevation Church: Volunteer’s attitude & Corporate Image

Elevation Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Charlotte, North Carolina is now enmeshed in a social media controversy which went viral after a Church attendee accused a church volunteer (possibly a protocol or usher) of being insensitive to her personal and child’s need. The church led by Steven Furtick, a young and dynamic […]

10 August 2017 0 Comments Read 132 Times

3 reasons why online media Brands/ organizations crash

We live in the age of instant success. The fast lane is very attractive to everyone. But many fast lanes end up in a ditch. No organization can succeed based on availability of money alone without a vision and plan. Many organizations start running today on the ground of passion for the industry alone. While […]

10 July 2017 0 Comments Read 279 Times

Digital Public Affairs, Communications &Public Relations in Nigeria

Dynamism in Communication is no longer a thing of argument. Those who understand the trends have seen the need to learn, unlearn as well as adapt to its demand. Nigeria is not coming behind in Africa and the changes in level of adaptation is gradually making the country a force to be reckoned with in […]

17 May 2017 0 Comments Read 495 Times

5 ways association and relationships affect your Positioning: Book review

Association and relationships are vital to every living organism. This is particularly important for human beings. We are not created to be in isolation. Some of our best qualities are manifested when we are in good relationships. As much as relationships are important, they also have a lot of downside if not properly managed. Getting […]

8 May 2017 0 Comments Read 506 Times

How to maximize Values in Your Personal brand: Book review

Personal Branding has become a veritable tool in the age we live in. No serious professional should shy away from strategic activities which can lead to its correct positioning in the market space. Those who do ignore this advice do so at ?their own detriment. There is no valid excuse today as we have internet/technology […]

28 April 2017 0 Comments Read 5905 Times

Personal Insecurity and Executive brand sustainability: Book review

Life has its varied dimension which affects brand sustainability and success.Personal insecurity comes in different shades: fear, bravado, low and high self esteem. Irrespective, personal insecurity is a two edge sword. For every leader, leadership position or brand, there is always an associated fear, risk. When properly managed, it can be a motivator but when […]

26 April 2017 0 Comments Read 666 Times

Nestle Nigeria: ‘Flesh Marketing in a growing up’ product?

If our information is correct, Nestle Nigeria, maker of Milo, will soon come out with a disruptive campaign for its food drink product: Milo. The campaign as claimed by the Agency (Tonydoo visual) behind it has the slogan ‘the future champions are now grown’. A concept calling for a change in mindset with regards to […]

27 March 2017 0 Comments Read 7593 Times

Bassey, Big Brother Nigeria and Brand Positioning

Big Brother Nigeria popularly known as Big Brother Naija is a reality show with lots of drama and funny housemates. Our focus here though is not on the intrigue or relevance of the reality show but on how ?to protect and position your brand irrespective of the environmental challenges and dirty politics around the brand. […]

3 March 2017 0 Comments Read 784 Times

Beware! Social tools can cost you your career: A case study

Social tools like social networking, professional networking, blogging and micro blogging tools are great. They make communication and relationship building so easy in our today?s world. They have transformed the way we build relationship and carry out our advocacy and campaign management amongst many communication routes available today. But as great as they are, casual […]

2 February 2017 0 Comments Read 5686 Times

Content Management and digital communication conference in Lagos

Nigeria Bloggers and Online Writers? forum in Conjunction with Michael Sage Digital Institute is putting together a Content Management and digital communication tool use for corporate and non profit organizations in Lagos this February. This conference has become is essential today in Nigeria as the world is moving towards digitalization in every sphere?. A backbone […]