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Yinka Olaito

28 July 2014 0 Comments Read 126 Times

Public relations implication of selling half truth- Case Studies

Our world is filled with dog eats dog lifestyle and attitude. Every day we see people who turn around to speak evil of their close friends just because of little misunderstanding for now. Many forget that a little misunderstanding or hurt today may not carry same weight tomorrow. When we consider law of time perspective, […]

7 July 2014 0 Comments Read 591 Times

Orkut’s demise: lesson for other social media platforms & online media startups

Eight days ago, Google again announced the process for shutting down orkut, a social media platform launched in 2004. Its original plan at the launch,then was to better ignite and re energized social life, particularly in the online platform.. One great advantage then was to help individual maintain and enhance their relationships. It allows pictures, […]

30 June 2014 0 Comments Read 873 Times

Social media day 2014: the lessons, the impact and the disruptions

Social media has been with us for close to two decades. Though some how it was not so named then. At least from 1991, we have seen manifestation, traces of what is now known as social media tools. It is on record also that faceBook, Twitter and Youtube came a little bit later, but it […]

20 June 2014 0 Comments Read 578 Times

How brand, people can make social media engagement work for them

The essence of social platform use is not all about sales. It is about conversation and strong allied building. Those who aim to dominate, show off as well as silence others may have to look elsewhere. Building relationships as we know is not a day’s job. It requires time, temper management as you may not […]

10 June 2014 0 Comments Read 768 Times

5 best approaches you can adopt during online crisis

Crisis, whether online or offline, has a major impact on the wellbeing of the organization. Depending on the degree, it has capacity to completely destroy the organization or shakes the fabrics of its existence to a certain degree. As communication team, sometimes it is a time many team members use to trade blame and throw […]

22 May 2014 0 Comments Read 1156 Times

Digital storytelling: 7 non negotiable value benefits.

Storytelling is an ageless habit that many successful individuals as well as parents had used to build affinity with wards and clients. We live in the digital age, ability to employ the usefulness of brand story telling will go a long way to help achieve brand and personal goals’ fast. If we aim to achieve […]

19 May 2014 0 Comments Read 956 Times

Six twitter signs you must know

Twitter has come to stay. Only a shortsighted person can avoid it now. The challenge of appropriate use twitter for many can be daunting if you do not take time to understand, listen, observe other users or follow them. This post may be a refreshers’ course for people who had mastered the use of twitter […]

13 May 2014 0 Comments Read 1052 Times

5 focal points that can make twitter campaign ‘hashtag’ go viral.

Some have said we should forget campaign and focus on conversation. The rationale behind this is not farfetched. People who converse/chat get ahead faster than those who want to advance personal causes. But it is possible to move a great conversation to a campaign when you know the best strategy to use. But come to […]

9 May 2014 0 Comments Read 1726 Times

United Nations Agencies:visibility and their Executive Directors,Helen Clark etal

United Nations Agencies as International Agencies are established to resolve different focal issues. With the advent of technology and especially digital media, each of them now has opportunity to create visibility for their causes. Many of these International Development agencies are already using the platforms to promote and create visibility for their different Agencies. In […]

22 April 2014 0 Comments Read 3298 Times

Digital media, celebrities and the changes in Private and Public lifestyles

The dramatic changes our world is witnessing today cannot be wished away. We can either accept this or get caught up in the web of things. Many are in the habit of saying crime is on the increase today than ever before. My argument about this is what is the basis of comparism? We need […]