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Yinka Olaito

17 September 2014 0 Comments Read 331 Times

Wake Up, It’s Social Age:What Nigeria electricity Distribution Companies must know

The social age is the most revolutionized age. It  is one with lots of disruptions.  It calls for change in approach. It demolishes the old command structure where customers will have to take it or live it. If through monopoly  or other forms of regulations,your brand seems to be enjoying this chain of command, please […]

13 September 2014 1 Comment Read 532 Times

Weird MultiChoice Nigeria (@DSTVNg) Customer service way

Brand is more than a name. It is the total outlook presented to its Public. It is the ‘ trust mark’s that people can vouch for. Brand is more than having services to offer, it is the ability to delight, engage as well as go the extra miles in making sure consumers also can become […]

3 September 2014 0 Comments Read 564 Times

Online free classified Ad: why should small business embrace it?

Advertising is not a modern nomenclature. It is as age long as the society itself. As individuals, we are daily involved in advertising without knowing. When you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth as well as take your bath you are involved in subtle advertising. Asides from personal hygiene factor, your efforts […]

3 September 2014 0 Comments Read 435 Times

Online Ad and small scale business: what you must know

Advertising has moved from the ways it used to the done in the 20th Century. New changes are now obvious and If you must enjoy value for money as small or medium scale business owner, there are basic stuff you need to understand before you join the bandwagon. Placing Advert (AD) online has become a […]

2 September 2014 0 Comments Read 392 Times

How to create valuable visibility and strong thought leadership

We live in the age of of ‘relevancy qoutient’. The value your brand commands is determined by the level of relevance you can build with others.  It is the ability of a brand to stand out because of the useful and valuable impact it has been able to create through strong engagement building with the […]

5 August 2014 0 Comments Read 1984 Times

We are still the best customer service provider- GTBank’s Team

In our previous posts, especially this, we did mention some of the initial outstanding pioneering works GTBANK digital media team introduced into Banking industry in Nigeria. It was based on this we asked the question if the bank is losing its grip. We also examined the impact of the last weekend’ s approach in the […]

2 August 2014 3 Comments Read 3219 Times

Online crisis: 5 things you must guard against, case study of GTBank Nigeria

Crisis time is not usually the best of time for anyone. Not to talk of a front line brand whose name is already a household name. During crisis time, emotions may reign supreme over the voice of reason if we do allow. Many communication experts who had been there can attest to this. That is […]

1 August 2014 2 Comments Read 2905 Times

Banks in Nigeria: has GTBank lost it?

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the leading  new generation Banks in Nigeria. With efficient and highly professional staff when it started operations. It has pioneered many of the modern changes in Nigeria’s  banking industry in Nigeria. One remembers with nostalgic feeling the leading role it played in the digital media use among the banks […]

31 July 2014 0 Comments Read 1682 Times

Dangers of intern as digital Manager: A case study of US Embassy in Ghana

Twitter has been and will continue to be a versatile communication tool for any forward looking organization. Its ability to be used as ongoing briefing, communication tool with  immediate feedback has been one of its major benefit. More importantly, an organization can reach Millions of people within seconds than any other forms of media tool. […]

28 July 2014 2 Comments Read 3721 Times

Public relations implication of selling half truth- Case Studies

Our world is filled with dog eats dog lifestyle and attitude. Every day we see people who turn around to speak evil of their close friends just because of little misunderstanding for now. Many forget that a little misunderstanding or hurt today may not carry same weight tomorrow. When we consider law of time perspective, […]