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Yinka Olaito

15 January 2023 0 Comments Read 351 Times

Media Use: How CEO can mitigate physical absence with E-communications tools

Corporate sustainability is a big issue today. Research had proven many organizations will die before their fifth birthdays.  Corporate sustainability is about long term and efficient strategies of an organization ability to ‘create sustainable, shareholder, employee, consumer, and societal value by pursuing responsible environmental, social, and economic (or governance)’’ If an organization must do this […]

2 September 2022 0 Comments Read 590 Times

Can Nigerian media support sustainable democracy?

A good fundamental of sustainable democracy is election. More than anything it helps representation and aggregation of voices toward a better and informed policy. In addition, elections also help in consensus building. More than any other industry, media plays a vital role in raising conversation around accountability for a transparent and open society. In any […]

18 April 2022 0 Comments Read 835 Times

Sterling Bank Nigeria, abysmal and insensitive Easter communications

Sterling bank in its Easter message turned itself to a ‘god’ over its target. While it is human to err, accepting the fact that you make mistake and genuinely apologise is a big issue for some. Sterling bank and its communications team proved that they are always right and that the customers’ outburst was unjustified […]

7 March 2022 0 Comments Read 850 Times

‘Break the Bias’: Can we?

International Women Day holds tomorrow March 8,2022. For anyone who cares about a great world and cherishes happiness, tomorrow  should matters. Women are not just addendum to life. Their existence  and impacts matter The importance of tomorrow and Women   is clearly demonstrated as United Nations set apart tomorrow  as a day to dialogue and advance issue  […]

11 January 2022 0 Comments Read 919 Times

Positioning for 2022

This may be coming a bit late but we guess we owe our community members a duty to share some insights that may help. No one should be in doubt now that changes have become the norm rather than an aberration. Expecting things to be normal or static may be living in denial of realty. […]

10 December 2021 0 Comments Read 1047 Times

9mobile Data scam Alert in Nigeria.

9mobile is one of the major telecommunications networks in Nigeria with a sizeable population of Nigerians as subscribers. This requires its brand name should be important and demands protection When scammers begin to use any brand name, it is the duty of the brand owner to protect, warn members of the public against such behaviour. […]

20 October 2021 0 Comments Read 1083 Times

How to increase the value of social selling skills

The age we live in requires a lot of adaptation and cultivation of several market-enhancing skills. Many are at a lost because they do not know which of the skills they should place a priority on. Whatever we do, we are in the fast age of social communications and selling. Surviving in this age without […]

13 October 2021 0 Comments Read 1056 Times

Social Media: Implications for productivity and personal mental health

We live in a world saturated with social media tools. It is an overcommunicated world indeed. Several social media  platforms present opportunities  for us to share and position our brand Individuals and brandsare struggling to remain in the face of their audience. This has heightened  the competition. But at personal level,desire to be relevant and remain […]

7 September 2021 0 Comments Read 1025 Times

Media employment landscape: Essential skills for…

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 came with many disruptions. Media and employment landscape had been badly shaken. These changes include changes in job nomenclatures. Many jobs had been lost while there has been changes to real definition of what work environment means. Today ‘remote or work from home’ has become part of the […]

5 August 2021 1 Comment Read 5394 Times

Positive illusion, technology and the media industry orientation

The study of positive Illusion (PI) has its deep root in psychology. Its, PI?s influence, though majorly focused on individuals has implications for every industry. This is especially so for the media or marketing communications industry. Positive illusions is defined as ??a set of ?related beliefs that characterize the way people think about (1) themselves, […]