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Yinka Olaito

3 October 2018 0 Comments Read 75 Times

Nigeria press and media contents commercialization

Unlike other industries, media industry is not solely for commercial. Its public service goods dimension differentiate it. Any attempt to treat this with kid’s glove will undermine media company’s values and roles in the society. In order to survive, premium? media houses in Nigeria? especially the prints are now overly commercial – driven than the […]

28 August 2018 0 Comments Read 158 Times

Entrepreneurial journalism: why Journalist should care?

Entrepreneurial Journalism is no longer new. Journalism profession like every other is witnessing quite a lot of disruption. With the dwindling fortune of many media houses across the globe, there is no job security anymore. The drumbeat is sounding clear and loud. In the space of a year and a half. hundreds of media professionals […]

4 May 2018 0 Comments Read 300 Times

World Press Freedom Day: Nigerians celebrate

Yesterday was World Press Freedom day. It is day for speeches and accolades . Why we might have made a little progress, many developing countries are still far from reaching the goal post. The theme of 2018 ?captured my mind on the issues journalists still face: ?Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and The Rule […]

23 March 2018 0 Comments Read 504 Times

Nigeria Bloggers and online writers’ Forum

Nigeria Bloggers and Online Writers’ Forum was established about three years ago. Unfortunately logistics and operational procedures had delayed its effectiveness in terms of meeting the goals of the forum. Along the line, system crash led to the loss of membership data and we could not reach over 70% of the members either through phone […]

10 February 2018 0 Comments Read 627 Times

#Metoo Advocacy & Representative Cristina Garcia: lessons

Advocacy in its simplest form is a public support for a cause or policy. Advocacy gives voice to the voiceless and raises conversation around a ‘pain’ so it can receive its due attention. A proper and effective advocacy is planned. It has an objective and seeks to bring everyone who shares in the identified pain […]

3 January 2018 0 Comments Read 859 Times

7 positions great &successful brands maintain

Wow, it is 2018! Whether you are a media or personal brand striving to be the market leader or you are at the top of the game, 2018 has come with its own uniqueness. You have not lived this year before. It is a clean slate which offers everyone opportunity a start afresh. Our level […]

19 November 2017 0 Comments Read 932 Times

Social Media & Nigerian Economic advancement summit

Social media is changing communication and business landscape globally and Nigeria is not doing badly. The desire to increase learning, output has been on the increase too. Outside the metropolitan commercial cities like Lagos, other parts of the country constantly engage in learning and best way to do it. So it was with joy that […]

1 November 2017 0 Comments Read 852 Times

Crisis Management: Why the basics count?

A crisis time, depending on its degree and nature, can be an energy sapping time. But what is clear is that right strategy gives it the best outcome. A common problem associated with crisis management is when actors, from the corporate end, do not understand the whole essence of crisis management. A major essence of […]

26 October 2017 0 Comments Read 892 Times

Partnership management: what are the success factors?

Partnership, wherever it operates, is supposed to add a big value ?to parties involved. ?Unfortunately many have had cause to regret the day such agreement was made. While we must understand whenever humans are found, a ‘complete failure-proof’ mechanism ?is not guaranteed but the fact remain many enter into partnership agreement with their eyes closed. […]

15 August 2017 0 Comments Read 1470 Times

Elevation Church: Volunteer’s attitude & Corporate Image

Elevation Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Charlotte, North Carolina is now enmeshed in a social media controversy which went viral after a Church attendee accused a church volunteer (possibly a protocol or usher) of being insensitive to her personal and child’s need. The church led by Steven Furtick, a young and dynamic […]