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Yinka Olaito

22 October 2015 0 Comments Read 1518 Times

Email and SMS Marketing: Values and Legal Implications

With the advent of technology, albeit Internet, comes the benefits of varied means of communication. These tools can be regarded as mass but private communication tools between a brand and its potential and real audiences. Email and short message (sms) which can be regarded as mobile text communication had gained a wide use in creating […]

19 October 2015 0 Comments Read 1396 Times

Brand communication & engagement: The choice of influencers’ marketing

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to brand communication and engagement in this age, influencers’ marketing and relationship support is vital. The challenge is how to do it well. Last week I was facilitating two sessions on how to develop best social media strategy that works for communication and Public Relations […]

22 September 2015 0 Comments Read 2010 Times

Consumer communication and MultiChoice / DSTV

MultiChoice Africa and indeed Nigeria is a known name in satellite Television service provider. Its leading factor may not be unconnected with being one of the early entries into the market if it is actually not the first. With years of experience, one expects the organization should have mastered its acts in consumer communucation process […]

2 September 2015 1 Comment Read 1961 Times

Campaign fallout & remedy: Access Bank Plc case study

Brands are not to be dictators. Tides had changed. Any brand that is not listening to its customers today is already buried. Communication had changed from what it used to be. The law of marketing also is changing. Part of communication tools  which  make brand succeeds is campaign. It is a great tool of communication […]

31 August 2015 0 Comments Read 1994 Times

Idea, branding and guts; all you need to know about…

The dynamism of life teaches us all to be proactive and not reactive if we must become successful. It also demands we take learning seriously. But the final stroke is in the application of the knowledge we gained through consistent action in the right direction. Taking action is a risk in itself. Life without calculated […]

30 August 2015 1 Comment Read 1956 Times

5 Digital marketing lessons I learned from Zain Asher of CNN and Cohbam

Professionals are not just professionals because of what they know but what they keep learning and giving. Learning is a life long thing. When we stop learning we stop being relevant no matter what we know now. Being a digital marketing professional is fun especially when it is what you love; not only because of […]

26 August 2015 0 Comments Read 1581 Times

Nigerian and blogging ethics: Seun Oloketuyi Etal, A Case study

Blogging, online writing has become a favourite pass time. For some, it helps them to kill boredom. While for others it is avenue to make money, share their thoughts, build thought leadership; expand personal and corporate horizon. One of my reasons for blogging is the fact that it gives voice to the voiceless. It can […]

26 August 2015 0 Comments Read 2771 Times

Video resume: 5 reasons professionals should consider it Now!

We live in a changing world. The world of work is rapidly witnessing its own changes. Technology, albeit internet is doing a lot of damage to age long tradition and no one is spared. Unlike before when job boards are great places to search for new position, things have moved in such a fast phase. […]

23 July 2015 0 Comments Read 2363 Times

Can crowdfunding help my ideas, talents flourish? A case study of Torera Idowu

We live in changing world, technology keeps throwing things at our faces. Things that were practically impossible five decades ago are now easy to do even if you do not leave a particular location.  There are things  that are available around us which many still think they need  lot of energy and travelling to come […]

21 July 2015 0 Comments Read 1701 Times

Summer short wedding dress & Wedding Gown for Modern Lady

Wedding is the most crucial day of a young woman’s life. Additionally, in this way every young woman asks for and is resolved to look the most rich and grand on that day. Wearing Summer short dresses for your wedding fulfilled by the wedding outfit she wears. People may not review the date of the […]